Our Team - Management


Marie Zhang, Founder

Having an advanced degree in English and French literature, Marie worked as an English teacher for three years at the beginning of her career.

She then worked for 15 years as an in-house trilingual translator & interpreter in the nuclear and construction industries. She founded Alliance Culture in 1998, a company specializing in language services.

With 30 years of cumulated experience in the linguistic sector, Marie has contributed to many international projects through effective and positive communication. She has also acquired considerable technical experiences in many business sectors.

Since 15 years, she and her team have also provided Chinese language trainings for many institutions ( schools, companies and associations), with students of different profiles and levels.


Yu FU, Partner

After completing her Bachelor Degree in French Literature in Shanghai, Yu gained her Master degree at ESCP-EAP, where she followed the MBA program at the University of Illinois as an exchange student.

She began her career as a financial controller at AXA, and then joined Deloitte where she led the financial consulting projects for financial institutions. With six years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, she acquired advanced knowledge in accounting and finance.

With the increasing franco-chinese exchanges, she oriented herself to the linguistic services aiming to strengthen political and economic relations between the two countries. Since 2012, she has translated more than 1 million words and conducted more than 20 interpretation assignments. She joined the Alliance Culture in 2015 as a partner.

Having accomplished their superior education in China and France, our managers are of Chinese origin and have lived in France for more than 15 years. Having a double culture, they are receptive to the differences and similarities of the two cultures and their own sensitivities.


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